Allen Cognitive Level Screen-5 Manual

Most recently updated and revised version of manual for administering both ACLS and LACLS is guided by the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing (AERA, 1999). New sections include: definition of "functional cognition," history of the cognitive disabilities model, set up of the tools with photos, color-coded administration instructions, revised scoring tables, assigning and interpreting scores, review of published research, and four Appendixes with references and resources for practitioners. Spiral bound notebook comes with a handy, clear plastic pouch to hold your LACLS tools. By Claudia Allen (MA, OTR, FAOTA), Sarah Austin (MS, OTR/L), Sandra David (OTR/L), Catherine Earhart (OTR/L), Deane McCraith (MS, OTR/L) and Linda Riska-Williams (MA, OTR/L).

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Large Allen Cognitive Level Screening Leather Lacing Tool

The Allen Cognitive Level Screen (ACLS) is part of a body of assessment and references that comprise the Allen Cognitive Battery. The screening tool was designed to provide an initial estimate of cognitive function. The score from the screen is then validated by further observations of performance.

Two versions of the screening tool exist: the regular size (ACLS-5) and the larger version (LACLS-5). (Note: We only carry the LACLS-5.)

A person’s best ability to function occurs when the assessment task has intention, perception and meaning, completed in the least restrictive environment. When the environment corresponds to a person’s cognitive level.mode, that person can function at his/her best ability to function. Human and non-human environments can be redesigned to compensate for limitations and encourage the use of remaining abilities. Caregiver education plays a major part in the use of the ACLS following the assessment of a client. It is the caregiver, who monitors the safety of the client. The ACLS initiates the process of advising clients with cognitive disability, and their caregivers, about the implications of living with global cognitive deficits.

The ACLS shares the advantages and disadvantages of most screening tools and is quick and easy to administer. Some clients are frightened by tests and may refuse to cooperate. Accept the refusal graciously and try to elicit their cooperation in the performance of an appropriate cognitive battery activity.

The ACLS screens only ACL Modes 3.0 through to 5.8. At Levels 1 and 2 clients do not work with objects, and Level 6 is concerned with attention to symbolic cues. The ACLS is designed to access the middle of the ACL range where the most important questions about ability to function occur.

The LACLS-5 leather lacing tool Includes:
• 1 leather rectangular (stamped with "ACLS and LACLS Committee approved"
• 1 brown, textured shoelace with plastic tips on each end
• 2 large, brass threaded locking needles
• 1 hank of wide leather lace with two visibly distinct sides (includes extra lace for full replacement)

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(includes Manual for the Allen Cognitive Level Screen-5 (ACLS-5) and Large Allen Cognitive Level Screen-5 (LACLS-5) and the LACLS-5 leather lacing tool)