Are you a health care professional, occupational therapist, physical therapist or caregiver?

Then be sure to check out the four Allen Cognitive Levels Books, shown here, in which the subject matter describes how health care clinicans can develop a greater understanding of why so many people they are assisting "cannot do what they say they can do," what needs to be changed in their environment to make it safer and more secure, at the same time allowing people with cognitive disability to live life to their "best ability to function."


Caregivers: Drowning in a Sea of Cognitive Challenges (2008)

by Delaune Pollard (author of the Allen Cognitive Levels books)

Caregivers recognize the difficulties faced by those they are assisting who are trying to cope with daily problems and have an inability to successfully do basic activities and tasks. For caregivers who are continually confronted by the prospects of a future which involves stressful and demanding situations, it is extremely daunting for them as they struggle to manage the lives and accompanying behavioral changes in others.

Illogically, what is often not understood or discussed in this age of scientific advancement, modern medicine and advanced health-care techniques is the fragility of the human brain and the resulting deficits in functional cognition following brain dysfunction.

This book provides the reader with an in-depth detailed and easy to read approach to caregiving which explains why people behave in the way they do, why they can’t do daily activities and includes stories taken from real life situations.

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